WSJ Ranks Airports: Orlando 5th, Miami 17th in majors, Tampa 1st in midsize

TAMPA -- The Wall Street Journal has given some of Florida's airports grades in its annual rankings of the nation's top airports.

In the large airport category, Orlando came in 5th and Miami International 17th. Tampa ranked first in the midsize category, beating out Portland, Oregon.

Scott McCartney oversees the annual survey and writes the "Middle Seat" column. He says the airport has issues dealing with its huge passenger numbers. It could also use an upgrade in its restaurant portfolio.

McCartney attributes Miami's ranking to problems associated with its biggest carrier, American Airlines.

The WSJ survey ranked Tampa number one among midsized airports, beating out Portland, Oregon. Tampa got good marks for nonstop flights and competitive pricing, as well as improvements in the restaurant lineup. McCartney says TPA has done a good job recruiting more airlines and flights.

But there is still room for improvement in Tampa. McCartney says the airport ranked 16th in wi-fi speed. He adds that airport amenity improvements can move an airport up in the rankings. Among major airports, Phoenix Sky Harbor made the top spot this year, in part because it took action to improve poor wi-fi performance reported by flyers.

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