Fancy Snooty People About To Get Bamboozled Haha AND IT'S AWESOME!

This is amazing in all kinds of way. I remember everyone making fun of me for buying things at the dollar store, like my toilet paper. Including some women who said they wouldn't date me cuz of it. Well for those snooty bootys that think they are too cool, too good for the dollar store. Introducing Pop Shelf from Dollar General. Basically the same stuff, just now instead of a $1, it's $5. And they are making the stores inside and out look fancier. They said... "To get those higher end clients, that don't want to go to a dollar store". haha so basically your gonna pay more for the same stuff basically just cuz you think it's cooler haha. COOL! I'll sit over here on the sideline with my extra $4 per item.