Can Toilet Paper Affect A Guys Game?

A few days ago I was with a few female friends shopping and I had mentioned I needed to stop at the Dollar Store to get toilet paper.  The looks I got from the women was as if I wiped boogers on them.  They looked at me with utter disgust.  "Deuce, why would you buy toilet paper from a dollar store?  That's cheap stuff!  If I came to your house and you have crappy TP, I wouldn't come back" . REALLY ladies?  Im sorry, but all im doing is wiping gross stuff on it and flushing it.  I don't need double quilted, extra soft, big bear on package TP.  

Help me out people.  Am I on an island here?  Is it weird to buy toilet paper at a dollar store?  I get 4 rolls for ONE DOLLAR.  It's not horrible, or rough feeling.  IT DOES THE JOB.  Ladies, would this be a problem for you at a guys home?

Here's the TP I bought.  It even has a fancy name.  Does that count?


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