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Where would be the best place to survive a Zombie Apocalypse in Tampa Bay?

To be fair, on this study, they ONLY looked at big cities . . . the 200 largest in the U.S. It's probably a given that middle-of-nowhere Alaska would be better. A similar study a while back found Alaska would be the best state.


2.New York

3.San Antonio


5.Los Angeles


7.San Diego

8.Los Vegas



There were no Tampa Bay Area towns mentioned in this study so Crash, AJ, and Producer X discussed their plans along with yours.

Producer X

I have multiple areas I would most likely to wind up 

  1. THE HARD ROCK TAMPA- Mainly because Im convinced the Zombies wouldn't be able to use the room keys 
  2. The St. Pete Marina-Ill head there and steal someone's boat and just set sail for Puerto Rico to live my life 
  3. OR 3 KEY WEST- Islands are great for hiding out and why not 


Bok Tower Lake Whales. I'll be heavily armed 150 feet up to see where the zombies are with a mote guarding the tower and an abandoned Walmart Supercenter right down the way to scavenge through. Macdill AFB is next on my list and If that goes bad I'll just jump from dispensary to dispensary in between municipal golf course clubhouses working on my game.


In the event of a Zombie Apoc, and since zombies can’t swim, it’s island time for me, likely at Caladesi Island State Park. It’s only accessible by boat, is uninhabited, but does have restrooms, a kitchen in the form of a café, some buildings, and floating docks with electric and water hookups. While there will be hurdles, it’s not a bad way to start creating a new home, community and life. After all, Henry Scharrer was able to make it his home for his family and lost and local sailors in 1892.


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