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Survey Results Reveal...The Best Rock Album "Deep Cuts" of all time? went through the Spotify stats of 50 popular rock acts, to find the most-streamed song that was NOT a single. Here is the list followed by some of our own favorite "deep cuts".



1.  AC/DC,  "Shoot to Thrill"


2.  Alice in Chains,  "Nutshell"


3.  Blink-182,  "Anthem Part Two"


4.  Alice Cooper,  "Ballad of Dwight Fry"


5.  Def Leppard,  "Gods of War"


7.  Disturbed,  "Decadence"


8.  Foo Fighters,  "Stranger Things Have Happened"


9.  Ghost,  "Ritual"


10.  Green Day,  "Give Me Novacaine"


11.  Guns N' Roses,  "Rocket Queen"


12.  Halestorm,  "Break In"


13.  KISS,  "God of Thunder"


14.  Korn,  "A Different World"


15.  Led Zeppelin,  "Going to California"


16.  Linkin Park,  "Don't Stay"


17.  Motley Crue,  "Take Me to the Top"


18.  Nickelback,  "S.E.X."


19.  Nirvana,  "Dumb"


20.  Pearl Jam,  "Rearviewmirror"


21.  Queen,  "39"


22.  Rage Against the Machine,  "Wake Up"


23.  Red Hot Chili Peppers,  "Wet Sand"


24.  Smashing Pumpkins,  "Mayonaise"


25.  Van Halen,  "Eruption"

Among Crash's Deep Cuts: "Go" is the first track on Pearl Jam's "VS" album. "Warped" from Red Hot Chilli Peppers "One Hot Minute" album

and Running to Stand to Stand Still from U2's "Joshua Tree" is not only one of my favorite deep cuts...Its one of my favorite songs ever.

Among AJ's Favorite Deep Cuts: AIC- Nutshell, Avengend sevenfold- Gunslinger, Volbeat- Lonesome Rider

Among Producers X's Favorite Deep Cuts:

As a millennial Child you can best believe I had the Chocolate Starfish and Hotdog Flavored Water album from Limp Bizkit MY Generation, Hotdog, and Full Nelson were all deep cuts off that album Recently I have been on a Falling Reverse kick and have found Chemical Prisoner AND I just found a DEEP Cut of Them Covering Gangsters Paradise.

 (Check out the complete list here. They actually give the TOP THREE for each artist.)

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