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A Mathematician Came Up with the "Ultimate" New Swear Word

What's your favorite CURSE WORD? Whether you're frustrated or just hurt yourself, the one that's the most satisfying to scream.



There are plenty we can't say on the radio. But this one we can . . .



A budding mathematician in England used an algorithm to come up with the perfect NEW swear word.



She took a list of 186 . . . narrowed it down to the 45 best ones in her opinion . . . and used an algorithm to create a new word that's supposed to be the "ULTIMATE" curse word. So what is it? 



The algorithm said the ideal swear word has four letters, and starts with a "B". Apparently because there were more B-words on the list than any other letter. Then it also has to have an "E-R" tacked onto the end.



According to the algorithm, the ultimate swear word is . . . "BANGER."  



Most people agree it's NOT very good. Even the mathematician admitted it's not as satisfying as some of the top real swear words people use.



She's still tweaking the algorithm though, so maybe it'll come up with a better one someday.



She's doing it because studies have found swearing can help with pain when you hurt yourself. So her goal is basically to find the perfect word to yell when you stub your toe.

Article Pic: Getty Images
Sources: Daily Mail / BBC Science Focus

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