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Watch: LA Carjacker picks car with locked steering wheel to try and steal

A Woman Stole a Car with a "Club" on It and Crashed

Todays Superstar is a carjacker in L.A. who tried to steal someone's car in a grocery store parking lot the other day. But it had a Club on it, so she couldn't turn the steering wheel much. She crashed into at least five cars before she gave up and tried to run off. Two guys held her down until cops got there.

A 27-year-old woman near L.A. reached into a lady's car last Friday and tried to steal her purse, but she wouldn't let go.

So she yanked the woman out along with her purse . . . then jumped in and tried to steal the car instead.

She didn't get far though, because the car had a CLUB on it, and the steering wheel was locked.

If you've never used one, a Club prevents you from turning the wheel in either direction. You can only go about a quarter-of-a-turn. But she tried to drive off anyway, and ended up crashing into multiple vehicles.

It happened in a grocery store parking lot, and someone got it on video. She kept backing up and going forward, hitting more and more cars each time. At least five cars were damaged before she jumped out and tried to run.

Two guys tackled her and held her down until cops got there. Someone also tied her shoelaces together, just in case.

Two people were hurt, but didn't have to go to the hospital. The only person who did was the carjacker. No details on her injuries, but she's facing serious charges. 

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