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Welcome Baker Mayfield...Here is what you need to know about Tampa

ICYMI...Baker Mayfield has agreed to a 1-year 8.5 Million dollar deal to Join the Bucs in 2023

With Tom Brady's Departure its about time we got some answers as to who might be taking over in 2023. Now that we know, we felt it was our obligation as the Radio Home for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, to offer some advice to Baker for when he hits the bay!

We cannot wait to see his first progressive commercial from the Pirate Ship!

Crash's advice to Baker
"Keep your eyes on the road around here. I know your probably going to be living at the Stadium like you did in Cleveland and not driving a whole lot BUT driving habits are bad around here. Wrong way drivers, drag racing, people vacationing cutting across 4 lanes to get to their exit and lets not forget a community blinker usage problem."

"30 seconds max to look for your golf ball if you miss the fairway"

"When trying Cuban coffee for the first time wait three Mississippi to gage your tolerance before going in for seconds."

"Check your hot tub and any other body of water you are entering for Gators..they are literally everywhere."

"Always have your phone ready to film a Florida Man thing."

"Flops are acceptable at most church's but not all strip clubs"

  1. PDX's advice to Baker.
    AVOID ALL BRIDGES between 7-9am and again from 3-7pm
  2. The F'n Beach man... Passe a grill, Treasure Island, St. Pete beach You cant go wrong and its so close!!
  3. BUSCH GARDENS- After a hard days work theres no better way to relieve stress than the Iron Gwazi

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