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First Cocaine Bear...NOW METH GATOR is in production for summer release

Move Over, Cocaine Bear . . . Here comes Meth Gator!

PDX Saw "Cocaine Bear" over the weekend and gave it Ten Tacos but it got him thinking what would happen if other animals took street drugs.

Now that we know animals can take drugs and go wild we are now about to get "Attack of the Meth Gator". It's being made by the same people who did the "Sharknado" movies. It's coming this summer, probably straight to DVD and On Demand.

"Cocaine Bear" did better than expected in its opening weekend, taking in $23.1 million. Even before that, though, the title alone made it a huge viral sensation.

"Attack of the Meth Gator", is being made by The Asylum. They make cheap, and mostly AWFUL, horror and sci-fi movies many of which are knockoffs of recent hits.

Their titles include "Snakes on a Train" "Ape vs. Monster" "Transmorphers" "Paranormal Entity" and "Sinister Squad". They also made the "Sharknado" movies.

"Meth Gator" is coming this summer most likely straight to DVD and On Demand.


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