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A Guy Threatened to Blow Up Hollywood Sign, but called the wrong Hollywood

Today's Superstar Threatened to Blow Up the Hollywood Sign, but Called Cops in Hollywood, Florida

Today's superstar reportedly called the cops on Sunday, and threatened to blow up the Hollywood sign if they didn't give him $10,000 in ransom. But he called a police department in Hollywood, FLORIDA by mistake, not L.A.

This guy's plan was never gonna work, but he went the extra mile to make SURE it didn't . . .

According to TMZ, the Hollywood Police Department got a call on Sunday from a guy threatening to blow up the HOLLYWOOD SIGN.

He said he'd destroy it with pipe bombs if cops didn't pay him $10,000 in ransom.

But whoever he talked to wasn't the right person . . . because he accidentally called police in the city of Hollywood, FLORIDA, not L.A. 

It sounds like the cops in Florida let the LAPD know. Then they looked into it but found it wasn't a credible threat.

Last we heard, no one had been arrested yet, but the LAPD was still investigating. 

(TMZ / Fox News)

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