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Floridaman steals Semi TO THEN GO STEAL Chicken

Today's Superstar is a Floridaman who Stole a Semi to Steal 140k of Chicken from a farm

Today's Super star is A 36-year-old floridaman in Miami was arrested last week. He was caught stealing from a farm and he used a stolen semi as his getaway vehicle. It had a refrigerated trailer, with $140K worth of poultry inside.

He reportedly stole from a farm back in December and then RETURNED to the scene of the crime last Wednesday afternoon to do some more thieving.

Someone called the police, and they showed up just in time to see the man but he escaped in a getaway vehicle: Which was a stolen, 53-foot refrigerated semi, carrying 10 pallets of poultry valued at $140,000.

He did NOT steal the truck from the farm he'd stolen it earlier and drove it there so he DID intend on that being his getaway vehicle.

He led police officers on a chase at one point driving the wrong way down a road, straight toward a cop car.

 He eventually crashed the semi into a fence at a second farm, and was apprehended. He's being held on a $54,500 bond.  

(Local 10)

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