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Who was rated the top voice of all time?

Did the Rolling Stone get the order right for their list of the Top 200 Voices of all time!

The Rolling Stone dropped their list of the Top 200 voices of all time

Notable voices on the list include: Glenn Danzig #199 Bob Segar #181, Iggy Pop #176, Bono #140, Axl Rose #134, Rob Halford #126 Ozzy #112, Eddie Vedder #105, Chris Cornell #80, Robert Plant #63 Kurt Cobain #36and David Bowie #32
The Highest Rated Rockers were Bob Dylan at #15 Freddie Mercury at #14 John Lennon at #12

AJ: Lane Staley

Crash: Tom Petty, Chester Bennington

PDX: Snoop Dogg

Here is their top ten

10 Al Green

9 Otis Redding

8 Beyonce

7 Stevie Wonder

6 Ray Charles

5 Mariah Carey

4 Billie Holiday

3 Sam Cooke

2 Whitney Houston

1 Aretha Franklin

Check the full list of the top 200 and see who got left out of the top 10!

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