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Woman hides stolen watch inside of herself after hotel hookup


A Woman Stole a Watch from a Man in Vegas, and Hid It in Her Hoo-Ha

Today's Superstar is a 33-year-old woman named Sarah Richards who was arrested for stealing a guy's $12,000 watch in Las Vegas on Sunday. She was in town for a court hearing related to a previous case where she stole a $100,000 watch from someone in Vegas.

She had a pretty elaborate plan: She flirted with the guy and got invited back to his room. They started making out and she told him that he should take off his watch or it "might cut her." She then insisted that he keep drinking wine.

Sarah swiped the watch, but the guy noticed, and followed her out and alerted security. The police were called, but they couldn't find the watch at first. She later admitted that it was hidden in her HOO-HA.

She was arrested and charged with grand larceny.

The police later found out that Sarah is from Baltimore, and was in town to attend a court hearing related to another, similar crime. She was arrested back in Vegas back in June for a very similar crime

She wooed a guy drugged him and stole a $100,000 wristwatch. It's unclear if that one was also hidden inside her, or if that's a new tactic that she's working on.

 (8 News Now)

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