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Metallica's has a $7,000 Enhanced Ticket package for upcoming tour

Metallica Is Selling a $7,000 "Enhanced Experience Package" to Their New Tour

Enhanced ticket packages for Metallica's upcoming tour include a $7,000 package for up to eight people, with a private viewing platform and access to a pre-show party. There's also one where you can watch the show from a pit in the middle of the stage.

If you want to get the most out of Metallica's M72 tour next year, you're going to shell out . . . and that's even BEFORE Ticketmaster's "dynamic pricing" scheme kicks in.

Metallica will play TWO shows in every city on the tour, and with an entirely different set list and a different opening band each night.

They're offering several "Enhanced Experience" ticket packages, and they're not cheap.

The Cadillac of the bunch is the "Lux Aeterna" Private Platform Experience. It costs just over $7,200 . . . but that's for up to EIGHT people. You get a private viewing platform, a cooler of soda and beer, access to a pre-show party . . .

One merch item for everyone in the group, and the ability to pre-order merch and have it delivered to you so you don't have to stand in line for it.

The cheapest of these packages is the "Frantic" Early-Entry General Admission Package. It starts at $414 and gets you early access to the general admission section for both shows, plus a limited-edition piece of merchandise and a drink.

There are also packages that give you a seat in the "Snake Pit" which is a standing location in the MIDDLE OF THE STAGE.

(Check out the details of all the packages here.)

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