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Bank Robber goes for the Triple Dip...3 banks in one day

Today's Superstar Tried to Rob Three Banks in One Day

Some idiot in Toronto tried to rob three banks in one day, and should have stopped at two. Cops were ready for him the third time and arrested him nearby.

The first one happened at 9:47 A.M. on Monday, and he fled on foot. 

Then 23 minutes later, he robbed a second bank less than a mile away.

The third robbery happened at 12:25 P.M., about two miles from the second bank he hit. And that time, cops were ready for him.

They arrested him nearby, and he's now in jail. And it looks like he'll be facing additional charges too.

They think it was part of a larger string of thefts that started two days earlier. All total, they think he hit five banks and three other financial institutions.

It's not clear how much money he stole, but his name is John Tiano, and he's 59. He's looking at serious jail time. Luckily, there were no reports of any injuries. 

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