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Florida Woman tries to sneak gun on plane INSIDE RAW CHICKEN!

Florida Woman Tried to Sneak a Gun Past the TSA by Stuffing It in a Raw Chicken

Today's superstar is a woman flying from Fort Lauderdale to Haiti who got caught trying to smuggle a gun onto a plane by stuffing it inside a full, uncooked chicken.

The TSA tweeted out pictures. They haven't released X-rays of it, which are probably hilarious. But they did post four shots of the gun being removed from the bird. 

To be clear, you ARE allowed to bring a whole, uncooked chicken or turkey in your carry-on. So if you want to haul one across the country for Thanksgiving, go for it. Just don't leave any firearms inside.

The TSA had some fun with the wording in their post. They called it a "personal FOWL", spelled F-O-W-L said it was a huge "BASTE of time" and told other people not to "WING it" when traveling with firearms. 

The woman did NOT make her flight. They brought in Customs and Border Protection to deal with her, so it sounds like she'll be facing charges.

Being caught with a gun by the TSA also comes with a $1,500 fine, or $3,000 if it was loaded. For repeat offenders, it's up to $14,000.

The TSA posted a link on how to travel with guns in your checked luggage, and how to declare them. You can't have them in your carry-on though, for obvious reasons.

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