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30 Creepy Rock Songs for Halloween

Today is all about the spooky vibes. So for Halloween, put together a list of the 30 creepiest rock songs. Here they are:



1.  "(Don't Fear) The Reaper"Blue Oyster Cult


2.  "Black Sabbath"Black Sabbath


3.  "Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)"David Bowie


4.  "Sympathy for the Devil"The Rolling Stones


5.  "Enter Sandman"Metallica


6.  "Careful with That Axe, Eugene"Pink Floyd


7.  "Season of the Witch"Donovan


8.  "Bark at the Moon"Ozzy Osbourne


9.  "Psycho Killer"Talking Heads


10.  "Witchy Woman"Eagles


11.  "Shout at the Devil"Motley Crue


12.  "Pet Sematary", Ramones


13.  "The Number of the Beast"Iron Maiden


14.  "The End"The Doors


15.  "Lullaby"The Cure


16.  "Mr. Crowley"Ozzy Osbourne


17.  "Devil Inside"INXS


18.  "Gallows Pole"Led Zeppelin


19.  "One"Metallica


20.  "The Ripper"Judas Priest


21.  "Feed My Frankenstein"Alice Cooper


22.  "One of These Days"Pink Floyd


23.  "Dead Babies"Alice Cooper


24.  "Die, Die My Darling"Misfits


25.  "Cold Ethyl"Alice Cooper


26.  "Closer"Nine Inch Nails


27.  "Night Prowler"AC/DC


28.  "Boris the Spider"The Who


29.  "Nebraska"Bruce Springsteen


30. "Rime of the Ancient Mariner"Iron Maiden

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