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Did Valerie Bertinelli Admit She Kissed Matthew Perry?

ICYMI: In his new memoir, Matthew Perry claims he made out with Valerie Bertinelli at her home while she was still married to Eddie Van Halen.



Not only that, but Eddie was THERE, passed out drunk nearby.



It happened in 1990, when they were on a very short-lived sitcom together called "Sydney". Matthew calls it a "long, elaborate make-out session," and says Valerie's marriage was "troubled" at the time.



Matthew was seriously into Valerie . . . but the next day on the set, she acted like nothing had happened. Matthew said he was "devastated" . . . but luckily the sitcom got canceled a few weeks later, so he didn't have to see her anymore.



Well, Valerie MAY have confirmed Matthew's story with this TikTok she posted yesterday. See she posted yesterday. See below.

Valerie and Eddie married in 1981 . . . separated in 2001 . . . and divorced in 2007.

Source: Page Six

Article Pic: Getty Images

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