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A Mom Ordered a Halloween Decoration and Got a Sex Doll Instead

A mom in Australia ordered a fake dead body Halloween decoration from Amazon- it's the one you cover in black plastic and hang from a tree.



But when it came in the mail, her 10-year-old son opened it, and it was a SEX DOLL.



She posted about it on a Facebook group called "What I Asked For vs. What I Got."  (You have to join the group to see her post, but here's a photo.)



According to the seller, it wasn't actually a mix-up. They just use inflatable sex dolls, because they're cheaper. 



We found an Amazon listing for a similar decoration, and almost ALL of the reviews say it's a sex doll. So she's not the first person it's happened to. One woman said she opened it in front of her five-year-old grandson.



The mom from Facebook says the seller told her to keep it, and offered a 40% refund. But she wants a full refund, and a public apology. 



Sources: Daily Mail / NY Post

Article Pic: Getty Images

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