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Man Tries to Sell ex's Moms Ashes for drugs

A Guy Tried to Sell His Ex-Girlfriend's Mom's Ashes to Get Money for Drugs

A guy in South Carolina was arrested after he stole some of his ex-girlfriend's mom's ASHES . . . and planned to SELL them to get money for drugs. 

Here's an idiot who won't be getting back with his ex anytime soon: A guy in South Carolina is facing charges after he stole his ex-girlfriend's mom's ASHES . . . so he could sell them to get money for drugs. 

His name is Jackson Rutland, and he's 19 years old. He called his ex last Wednesday at 5:40 in the morning and TOLD her he took them. 

He said he took SOME of her mom's cremated remains, and was planning to sell them to get money and buy heroin which makes no sense at all.

No one seems to know why, where, or how he thought he could sell the ashes. But it doesn't sound like he stole an urn just ashes.

His ex-girlfriend wasn't home when he called, but came back and found the back door kicked in and ashes on the floor. So he apparently spilled some too. 

Cops arrested Jackson the next day. He's facing charges for burglary, as well as destruction, desecration, or removal of human remains.  


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