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A man tried to rob a Gas Station then ran out of gas

Karma? A Man Tried to Rob a Gas Station

Then Ran Out of Gas

 A man in Tennessee tried to rob a gas station last week, but he didn't come away with any cash. And when he tried to escape the cops, he RAN OUT OF GAS. He was arrested.

This criminal mastermind must have forgot one VERY IMPORTANT step in his evil scheme.

A 41-year-old man in Tennessee named Marchello Moore drove to a gas station early Friday morning, and tried to rob the place.

He walked into the store . . . stuck a gun under a plexiglass divider . . . and demanded money from the woman working at the counter.

The woman working the counter was 78 years old, and she wasn't having it. She ducked under the counter and hid . . . and Marchello panicked and bolted.

He drove off, but the cops caught up with him a little while later . . . and that's when Marchello's car RAN OUT OF GAS. He jumped out and tried to run, but he was caught and arrested.

He probably would've been caught anyway . . . but it was a fascinating choice to NOT fill up before robbing the gas station, especially since his gas light would've probably been ON at that point. 


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