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WATCH: Dad takes kids to school then Wrestles a Gator

A Texas man wrangled an alligator to get his daughter to her first day of school.

Mike Trinh was getting ready when she discovered the creature was blocking the front door. Right when they were supposed to leave, she refused to go outside . . . and claimed there was an ALLIGATOR by the door. Mike assumed she just didn't want to go to school and was joking.

So he told her to stop messing around. But it turned out there really was a fairly large alligator sitting in their driveway. And instead of calling someone for help, Mike went ahead and wrangled it HIMSELF. 

At first, Trinh didn't believe his daughter. "I'm thinking she's joking, not wanting to go to school. I say, 'Just stop! We're going to school today. Just stop it," Trinh recalled.

Trinh says he channeled the late Steve Irwin and covered the alligator's eyes with a towel. He was then able to get around the animal to get his daughter to the car, and to class

He took his kids to school first, so they wouldn't be late. Then he came back . . . tossed a towel over its head . . . duck taped its mouth shut . . . took it to a nearby pond . . . and released it. And his 19-year-old daughter got it all on video.

He told the local news that he was a huge fan of Steve Irwin and "The Crocodile Hunter" as a kid. So that's how knew what to do. He says wrestling a gator was actually on his bucket list for a long time.


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