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A Guy Pulled a Gun on a Delivery Driver Over a Pizza He Didn't Order

 A guy in Upstate New York is facing charges after he pulled a gun on a delivery driver over a pizza he didn't order. It turned out someone else in his family ordered it.

If someone shows up to my place with free pizza, I don't ask questions, I just say thanks. But everyone's different . . .

A 45-year-old named Ralph Carpino is facing charges after a delivery guy showed up with a pizza he didn't order . . . and Ralph pulled a GUN on him.

It happened Saturday night in Upstate New York.  (The town of Saugerties, about 40 miles south of Albany.)

A Domino's driver knocked on Ralph's door, and the response he got was a loaded Glock in his face. So he left the property and called 911.

Police showed up, and Ralph told them he pulled the gun because he never ordered a pizza. But it turned out someone else in his family had. So the Domino's guy actually had the right address.

They arrested Ralph for menacing in the second degree, and criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree. He's due in court later this month. 

 (Crimewatch / WRGB)

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