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RIP to the Chocotaco (1984 - 2022)

R.I.P.: The Klondike Choco Taco (1984 - 2022)

The rumors were true: The Klondike Choco Taco is being discontinued . . . both in stores and the single-serving versions available at ice cream trucks and convenience stores. Klondike says they're making room for "new exciting innovations."

If you occasionally wake up with a serious craving for a Choco Taco, you have a problem . . . and it's NOT what you think . . . it's worse.

Rumors have been swirling that Unilever was discontinuing the Klondike Choco Taco . . . after a 38-year run . . . and now, they've apparently CONFIRMED it.

In a statement, Klondike said, "We're always updating our product portfolio to create new, exciting innovations that reflect consumer preferences and trends.

"A necessary but unfortunate part of this process is that we sometimes discontinue products in order to ensure we can offer the best variety nationwide."

This isn't exactly a HUGE shock for plugged-in Choco Taco enthusiasts. 

Earlier this year, Klondike discontinued the four-pack . . . but at the time, they implied that the single-serving would continue to be available in ice cream trucks and convenience stores. But now, they won't be making those either.

The Choco Taco was invented in Philadelphia in the early '80s by a man named Alan Drazen. It was first available in ice cream trucks and convenience stores in 1984, and it debuted in supermarkets in 1996.

But wait . . . let's hold off on a FULL eulogy.

It's very possible this is one of those free publicity things, where a product is discontinued . . . so fans freak out and launch online petitions and stuff . . . and then the company brings it back at some point with a bunch of fanfare.

Also, Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian Tweeted that he'd like to purchase the Choco Taco from Unilever, to "keep it from melting away from future generations' childhoods." So the Choco Taco may not be dead for good.  

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