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Chess Playing Robot Breaks 7-Year Old's Finger

Robot Breaks Child's Finger While Playing Chess

A talented Russian boy named Christopher was seized by a chess-playing robot in Moscow. Footage shows the robot taking hold of the boy's hand after he went to make a move.

In a rare incident, the robot broke Christopher's finger. Representatives from the Russian Chess Federation say the boy violated certain safety rules.

Allegedly, the child was able to play the very next day The boy had his finger put in a plaster cast and was reportedly not seriously traumatized.

President of the Moscow Chess Federation Sergey Lazarev told the TASS news agency: “The robot broke the child’s finger. This is of course bad.

“The child played the very next day, finished the tournament, and volunteers helped to record the moves.”

He added the boy had “made a move, and after that we need to give time for the robot to answer, but the boy hurried and the robot grabbed him”.

Sergey Smagin, vice-president of the Russian Chess Federation, told Baza: “There are certain safety rules and the child, apparently, violated them.

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