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Slipknot Releases New Song; Announces Seventh Studio Album

Slipknot has released a new song entitled "The Dying Song (Time To Sing)." They also announced their upcoming seventh studio album entitled The End, So Far. Clown said in a statement, "New music, new art and new beginnings. Get ready for the end." The End, So Far is due out on September 30th.

Check out the tracklisting for The End, So Far below:

1. Adderall

2. The Dying Song (Time To Sing)

3. The Chapeltown Rag

4. Yen

5. Hivemind

6. Warranty

7. Medicine For The Dead

8. Acidic

9. Heirloom

10. H377

11. De Sade

12. Finale

Article pic: Getty Images

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