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Church Group Rescued After Hiking Up Mountain to Get Closer to God

A women's church group hiked up Camelback Mountain in the Phoenix area yesterday in an attempt to "get closer to God." And they got into so much trouble, they almost got to MEET HIM IN PERSON.



There were about a dozen women in the group, and they started hiking in the morning, but mid-day temperatures were around 106, and eight of the women started suffering heat-related injuries, including dizziness and fainting.



The women weren't local, they were visiting from Alabama, California, and Tennessee, and some of them admitted to rescuers that they "didn't do their research" before starting the hike.



Several of them were wheeled back down the trail, and two had to be brought down by helicopter. In all, three were hospitalized in stable condition.



One hiker said, "God was definitely with us. We're thinking if [the rescuers] didn't come . . . I don't know what would've happened, but we wouldn't have made it."



But these women knew they were a LITTLE crazy. They were also filming a documentary called "Bad Girls Gone God", where they embark on strenuous activities to get closer to God. So maybe they got some good footage. 



Here's video of Dorothy being rescued:

Source: Fox 10 Phoenix

Article Pic: Getty images

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