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A drunk guy, stole his Boss's car, and parked It on a Set of Train Tracks

Today's Superstar Got Drunk, Stole His Boss's Car, and Parked It on a Set of Train Tracks

A 23-year-old guy in Australia got drunk on Saturday . . . stole his boss's car . . . parked it on a set of train tracks . . . and left it there to get hit. Luckily, the next train was able to stop in time and didn't hit it. He's facing multiple charges, and we assume he's out of a job.

You've gotta respect the efficiency here. This guy may have managed to get fired, arrested, AND kicked off an entire continent all at once . . .

A 23-year-old in Australia who doesn't have a license drank a, quote, "large amount" of liquor Saturday night, and decided to steal his boss's CAR.

We're guessing he doesn't like them too much or has some sort of beef. Because it sounds like this was all intentional: He stole their SUV . . . made it over a four-foot trench . . . drove 200 feet through a field . . . and parked on a set of TRAIN TRACKS.

He actually launched it OVER the tracks, and ended up 30 feet away. But then he reversed back onto the tracks . . . left it there . . . and walked home.

A train showed up the next morning. But luckily they saw the SUV in time and didn't hit it. A farmer used his tractor to move the SUV, and the train continued on.

Police tracked the guy down at home, and he confessed to everything. He's facing charges for stealing the car . . . driving without a license . . . negligent driving . . . and obstructing the path of a train.

He's originally from Vanuatu in the South Pacific. So now he might lose his visa and get kicked out of the country. And no official word, but we assume he's out of a job. 


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