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The Ol' Funny Money in the wrong pants trick!

A Guy Paid with a Counterfeit Bill, Then Used the "Not My Pants" Excuse

A guy in Pennsylvania got arrested for using a fake $100 bill at the airport. And his excuse was he found it in his pants, but it's not his fault . . . because he was wearing someone ELSE'S pants.

We've seen this excuse before, and it's never gonna work . . .

A guy in western Pennsylvania named Stephen Patterson flew out of a small airport near Pittsburgh the other day.  (Arnold Palmer Regional Airport in Latrobe.)

And before his flight, he bought some drinks at the snack bar, but paid with a COUNTERFEIT $100 bill.

The bill looked real enough, so the cashier didn't notice. But when they checked again, it was obviously fake and said it was for "Motion Picture Use Only."

Police figured out who Stephen was, and that he was a passenger on an outgoing flight. They got a warrant and arrested him when his return flight landed last Sunday.

So, what was the excuse he gave them? He claimed that he found the $100 bill in his pants and didn't realize it was fake . . . because they WEREN'T HIS PANTS.  (???)

His defense apparently hinges on the idea that he borrowed the pants from someone else. He's facing felony charges for using counterfeit bills.  


Here's a photo of Stephen,

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