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A Man Who Raps About Robbing ATMs Got Busted for Robbing an ATM

A 30-year-old guy from Houston named Ladesion Riley wants to be a rapper, and posts his stuff on YouTube.



He goes by the stage name "Jug God" and has a song called "Make It Home". It's about robbing ATMs in other states, and trying to get home before cops arrest him.



Now he's facing charges for doing EXACTLY THAT. He and three friends recently traveled to Nashville and robbed an ATM technician.



The technician had the ATM open, apparently to reload it with cash. So they snuck up behind him . . . said don't do anything stupid . . . and took off with a bunch of money.



Police and FBI agents tracked them down at a motel the same day and arrested them after they checked out. So they did NOT "Make It Home."



The nickname "Jug God" is apparently a reference to "jugging." That's when you follow someone home from a bank to rob them.



All four are facing federal charges. Now the FBI is trying to find out if they've committed any other robberies. 



Source: Fox26



Here are the mugshots. That's Jug God on the left.

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