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An Inmate Broke Out and Tried to Get Away on a Child's Bike

Today's Superstar Broke Out of Jail and Tried to Get Away on a Child's Bike

Late last month, an inmate in Tennessee named Ricky Roach escaped from a hospital and tried to get away on a CHILD'S BIKE. 

It was a girls bike with one pedal missing. An off-duty cop spotted him pushing it up a hill, and he was too tired to run at that point. He was out for two hours and only made it two miles. .

He found a girls bicycle and took off on it. It doesn't sound like it was being used at the time, because it only had one pedal. The other pedal was missing.

Police put out an alert over the radio, and an off-duty cop named Steven Ellis heard it. Then he looked out his kitchen window and saw Ricky pushing the bike up a steep hill.

Steven ran out .said he was a cop and told him to stop. He says Ricky looked exhausted and didn't even argue. He just laid down on the ground and waited to be arrested.

He was on the run for two hours, and only made it two miles. Now he's back in jail.

Police are trying to figure out who the bike belongs to. People have already offered to fix it up, or just buy the kid a new one. 


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