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Drunk Driver crashes and then tries to sell damaged SUV

Today's Superstar rolled up to a Car Dealership with a slightly damaged SUV he had just drunkingly crashed.

His name is Jordan Mattingly and is the son of Miami Marlins Coach and HOF Baseball Player Don Mattingly

Don Mattingly's son Jordan was arrested in Indiana on Monday after drunkenly crashing his car . . . and then immediately driving it, without a tire, to a local dealership where he wanted to sell it. He's facing multiple charges.

Drinking can impair your judgment and drinking a LOT can impair your judgment a LOT.

Police in Evansville, Indiana started getting 911 calls about a drunk driver on Monday afternoon. Witnesses said an SUV was driving erratically on a highway, and crashed into the median. The crash caused a flat tire and the car started to smoke but the driver KEPT GOING even when the tire fell off.

He eventually stopped at a car dealership, where people said he looked "super drunk." The employees say he was trying to SELL his now-damaged SUV. 

The police showed up, and identified the driver as 30-year-old Jordan Mattingly. He's the son of former MLB star Don Mattingly, who's currently the manager of the Miami Marlins.

Police say inside his SUV, they found Four Loko cans and a can of White Claw.

Officers say Jordan smelled of alcohol and almost fell several times. He blew a .291 on a breathalyzer that's 3.5 times the legal limit.  

(Coincidentally, .291 was also his dad's batting average in the 1993 season.  True!)  

Jordan is facing "a long list of charges."  

(14 News)

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