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Trespasser Tried to Hide from Police by Draping a Sheet Over Himself

Police got a call Sunday night about today's Superstar, a drunk guy at a motel called the Admiral Ocean Inn.  



His name is Philip Dulude. They kicked him out and said they'd arrest him if he came back. But he didn't listen.



A cop swung by again around 12:40 A.M. to make sure he wasn't there. And he tried to hide from them . . . by draping a BEDSHEET over himself.



They found him sitting outside on a chair, fully covered by a white sheet. 



They posted a photo on Facebook. He basically looks like a ghost who's just sort of lounging on the front porch. Take a look below.



So tell us, is this Florida, or Not Florida???



They pulled the sheet off and arrested him. He's facing charges for trespassing and violating a condition of release. 


 Source: WGME
Article Pic: GEtty Images

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