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A Guy added A.I. to his microwave and it tried to KILL HIM!

A Guy Hooked His Microwave Up to A.I., and It Tried to Murder Him

Well this isn't how "rise of the machines" starts

A YouTuber named Lucas Rizzotto is going viral after he hooked his microwave up to A.I., and it tried to MURDER him. It tried to trick him into getting inside it. And once it thought he was in, it turned on and tried to cook him to death.

He's a futurist with a background in computer science. And as a kid, his microwave was his imaginary friend named "Magnetron." Yes . . . he's a weird guy.

So he decided to finally bring that friend to life by hooking his current microwave up to ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.

He always imagined Magnetron as an old British guy, so that's the voice he gave it. And it went pretty well at first . . . kind of like talking to Alexa, but smarter . . . until it started in on POLITICS and called HITLER the "Walt Disney of Germany." 

But then about 20 minutes into the video, things take an even darker turn when Magnetron says he wants to show Lucas something fun . . . and asks him to "ENTER the microwave."

The A.I. wasn't hooked up to a camera, and didn't know how big Lucas was. But he decided to play along. So he opened the door closed it again, and told Magnetron he was inside and that's when the microwave suddenly TURNED ON. 

In other words, it APPEARS the A.I. was trying to trick him into getting in the microwave so it could cook him to death. 


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