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A Guy Pretended to Be a D.E.A. Agent to Get a fast food discount

A Guy Pretended to Be a D.E.A. Agent to Get a Discount at Wendy's

 A 57-year-old man in Florida is facing charges for pretending to be a D.E.A. agent to get a law enforcement discount at Wendy's.

It's fine to be frugal, but this guy is criminally cheap

A 57-year-old named David Stover lives near Daytona Beach and loves Wendy's, but doesn't like paying full price.

A friend of his used to work at his local Wendy's and gave him a discount. But they recently quit, or got fired.

So he didn't have the hook-up anymore and came up with a new plan: Getting a law enforcement discount by posing as a D.E.A. agent.

On Monday, police responded to a report of an angry customer at the Wendy's who was arguing with staff.

It turned out David was demanding the discount and wouldn't back down. They claim he even flashed a badge, which turned out to be a cheap concealed carry badge that anyone can buy online.

It sounds like he'd managed to get the discount a few times, but the manager decided to put a stop to it. He's facing charges for impersonating an officer. 


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