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Man on the run climbs building and THROWS A TOILET AT POLICE!

This Is a First: A Man Uses a Toilet as a Weapon?

Yesterday we had a lady use a Cat as a weapon and TODAY she has been one upped

A guy in Pennsylvania was on the run from the police a few weeks ago, and he climbed up onto the roof of a building and threw a TOILET down at the cops below. No one was hurt, and the guy was caught and arrested.

The guy went NUTS at a convenience shop a couple weeks ago. He assaulted several customers and then struck multiple vehicles with plastic signs, damaging some of them.

He then claimed he had a gun, and was threatening to shoot people so the police were called. And when they got there, the guy's rampage entered a whole new level of crazy.

The guy climbed the fire escape of a nearby apartment building and then threw rocks down at the officers. Then he got up onto the roof of the building, and he THREW A TOILET off the roof along with a paint can. No one below was hurt.

The guy broke a window entered the third floor of the building and that's where the police were finally able to catch him. He's facing charges of aggravated assault, criminal trespass, terroristic threats, and simple assault. 


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