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One in Five Drivers Have Flipped Someone Off in the Past Year

Nationwide insurance polled 1,000 people, and four in five think America's driving habits have gotten worse during the pandemic.



81% think other drivers are more aggressive . . . 76% think they're more reckless . . . and 79% think people are speeding more.



We don't have a ton of confidence in "the other guy" in general. Only 29% think most people are "very good" or "excellent" drivers. 85% of us think WE'RE a great driver though.



These last few stats don't exactly back that up . . .



54% of people said they've driven at least 10 miles over the speed limit in the past year . . . 53% have eaten food while driving . . . 17% have blown through a stop sign or traffic light . . . and 34% think it's safe to use your phone while you drive.



They also asked a few road rage questions: 23% of us have yelled at another driver in the past year . . . and 21% have tossed up a middle finger.

Source:  Nationwide

Article Pic: Getty Images

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