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Two UFC Fighters take beef to the parking lot!

Two UFC fighters took beef to parking lot of a Papi Steakhouse in Miami!

Two UFC stars got into a scuffle OUTSIDE the Octagon. It actually happened outside a Miami restaurant called Papi Steak on Monday night.

UFC star JORGE MASVIDAL reportedly tracked down rival fighter COLBY COVINGTON and sucker-punched him outside a Miami restaurant. The two fought earlier this month, and Colby won by unanimous decision.

COLBY COVINGTON was leaving the restaurant after having dinner with friends . . . when JORGE MASVIDAL allegedly ran up and sucker-punched him twice. Covington later told police one shot got him in the mouth, and the other tagged his left eye. During the attack, Masvidal reportedly yelled, quote, "You shouldn't have been talking about my kids."

After the attack, Jorge posted a video saying, quote,

"I'm calling this the Show Your Face Challenge. What's, up, I'm from Dade County. You talk that [stuff] you gotta back it up. That's how my city rolls, man."

Colby and Jorge fought earlier this month at UFC 272. Colby won by unanimous decision.

(Profanity Warning: You can see Jorge's video, plus some clips of the chaos outside Papi Steak, here. They ALL contain profanity.)

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