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Florida Man Asked 911 to Come Test His Meth!

Florida Man Asked 911 to Come Test His Meth

 A 41-year-old guy near Tampa got arrested on Thursday after he called 911 and asked the cops to come test his METH to make sure it wasn't bath salts.

I don't know if drugs lowered this idiot's I.Q., or if he was just born that way. But this is so dumb!

He said he bought meth from a guy. But then he did some, and it didn't feel like meth. So he thought it might be bath salts.

He described himself as an "experienced drug user" who would know the difference. And he wanted the cops to arrest the guy who sold it to him, because he lied.

When the cops showed up, he handed them two baggies that contained a, quote, "crystalline substance." And he was surprised when they arrested HIM for it.

He got out on bond the next day, and he's facing charges for felony drug possession.

The dumbest part is they did eventually test the drugs he gave them and it WAS meth, not bath salts. 

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