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AC/DC Rolls Out 'For Those About To Rock' Ale BUT ITS EXPENSIVE!

AC/DC Rolls Out 'For Those About To Rock' Ale

AC/DC has just announced "For Those About to Rock" Ale via Half Time Beverage BUT ITS SO EXPENSIVE!

The Beer is being released through Halftime Brewing (LINK BELOW)

20 bucks for a 4-pack
60 bucks for a 12 pack and
118.50 for a whole case

The new officially sanctioned beer is available to ship to 33 U.S. states. For a special limited time, the first 500 customers get a 12x15 print insert free with your purchase.

This is the product description:

AC/DC's For Those About to Rock Ale (5.9%) is cold fermented for the cool, crisp, refreshing flavor you’d expect from a seasonal Australian lager.

By combining traditional Australian brewing methods with native Aussie hops and cane sugar, the brewers have developed a highly drinkable beer that is true to its heritage, with a clean citrusy hop profile, a subtle malty sweetness, and a bright straw color.

You can buy the beer here but get ready because It is expensive

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