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A Drunk Fake Cop Accidentally Pulled Over a Real Cop!

Today's Superstar took being a fake cop to a whole new level and Accidentally Pulled Over a Real Cop!

A guy posing as a cop accidentally pulled over a REAL off-duty cop in California on Sunday . . . WHILE ALSO DRIVING DRUNK. He's facing multiple charges.

A 28-year-old guy in California named Clemente Martinez got arrested for impersonating an officer on Sunday after he tried to pull over an ACTUAL cop.  (It happened in Greenfield, which is between L.A. and San Francisco.) 

His white car had red-and-blue flashing lights, so it looked like an unmarked police car. But the off-duty cop he tried to pull over knew better.

Once Clemente realized he was caught, he claimed that he thought he was pulling over a drunk driver. He said he just wanted to warn them about how dangerous and irresponsible drunk driving is.

But then it turned out HE was the one driving drunk.

They tested his blood alcohol, and it was over the legal limit. He was also driving on a suspended license from several previous DUIs


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