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Guy Smashed a Beer Bottle Over His Own Head and Got Himself Shot by Police

It sounds like this guy was trying to show how tough he is, but then got a swift dose of reality . . .



Cops in Winter Haven, Florida were trying to arrest 27-year-old Matthew Correa on Saturday after he stole a pickup truck. He and a female accomplice also tried to rob a tire store at gunpoint, but there was no cash in the register.



Cops eventually found the truck after it broke down. Then they found him later driving an SUV, and he tried to HIT a cop with it. But here's where it gets weird . . .



They eventually got the SUV surrounded. So Matthew stood up through the sunroof . . . with a rifle in one hand and a BUSCH LIGHT in the other . . . and decided to smash the beer bottle on his own FOREHEAD while he stared the cops down.  



Unfortunately, that move backfired in a big way, because one of the cops couldn't see the bottle, just the gun. So they thought the breaking sound was a GUNSHOT, and returned fire.



They only fired one shot, but it hit Matthew in the NECK. He'll be okay though.



They got him to a hospital, and he should make a full recovery. He's facing a bunch of charges, including attempted murder for trying to run the cop over. The woman he was with also got arrested. 

Source: WTSP

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