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A Woman in Georgia Faked Two Pregnancies to Get Out of Work

It's like they say, fool me once with a pregnancy, shame on you. 

Fool me twice with a pregnancy . . . you'll get caught.

A woman in Georgia who worked for the state got caught faking pregnancies to get paid leave from work. She's been charged with four felonies, including making false statements and identity fraud.

A 43-year-old woman in Georgia named Robin Folsom worked for the state of Georgia as a Director of External Affairs.

In October of 2020, she told HR she was pregnant . . . and then announced that she'd given birth in May. She was then awarded seven weeks of paid leave.

Her story started to unravel . . . partially because she sent pictures of her "new baby" to some of her coworkers, and the babies featured in the photos seemed to have "varying skin tones."

The office conducted an investigation and found that she'd NOT delivered a child. And this wasn't the first time. She pulled a similar scheme before . . . falsely claiming to have given birth in July of 2020.

Robin was just indicted on THREE felony counts of making false statements. She's also charged with one count of identity fraud, which is also a felony. 

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