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Guy Calls in a Bomb Threat To The Wrong City

More than 400 big rigs have been parked in the middle of Ottawa, Canada the last few weeks to create gridlock and protest Covid-19 mandates.



Someone in Ohio decided to help their cause this week, but failed spectacularly.



A 20-year-old guy in Akron thought it was a good idea to call in a fake bomb threat to Ottawa police on Monday.



He claimed he was going to set off a bomb in downtown Ottawa, because he doesn't agree with mask mandates. So they obviously had to take it seriously. But it turned out he didn't have a bomb, and the whole thing was a hoax.



That's not the dumb part though. The dumb part is he called the wrong OTTAWA.



He just googled the number for Ottawa Police and ended up calling a precinct in the small town of Ottawa, OHIO instead. It's a town of around 4,000 people, about 60 miles outside Toledo.



A police spokesman there said they were surprised he didn't recognize the "419" area code, since about a quarter of the state uses it. Last we heard, they were still deciding what to charge him with. 


Source: / WTVG

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