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A Guy Threatened to Blow Up a Casino with a Grenade Hidden in His Butt

Today's Superstar is 46-year-old Brian Gower. Brian got arrested last week after he threatened to blow up a casino . . . and claimed there was a live grenade in his BUTT.



He told security he was going to blow the place up, and they had 15 minutes to evacuate the building. So they called the cops. It's not clear if they evacuated the place, but no one was really in any danger.



While police were talking to Brian, he kept rambling about his ex-wife . . . and about Joe Rogan for some reason. Then he told them he had a, quote, "grenade in his [backside], and he wanted to [pass gas]."  



It turned out he didn't actually have any explosives on him . . . or IN him. He also got arrested for making some sort of bomb threat last year. So I guess this is his thing.



He's facing charges for providing false information about a potential act of terrorism. 

So tell us, is this Florida or Not Florida???


Las Vegas, Nevada.

Source: KLAS



Bonus: He's smiling and giving a thumbs up in his mugshot.

Article Pic: Getty Images

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