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Antonio Brown goes on HBO's Real Sports with more allegations against Bucs


Antonio Brown and HIS LAWYER appeared on HBO's REAL SPORTS W Bryant Gumbel claiming the Bucs offered him 200K to sit on bench before committing himself to professional mental health therapy.

In the Tweet Above you can hear Brown and his Attorney drop the bomb that the Bucs Organization offered him a deal which involved him "going to the crazy house" so "They know what they are talking about"

ESPN posted a transcript of some of the interview where Brown and his Attorney told Gumbel that they are intending to file charges against the Bucs over his release

"Antonio was defamed by this spin that he had a mental health episode that makes him someone who's not reliable to do a good job on the field," Burstyn said. "So we're pursuing internally all of our rights under the CBA and considering them and maybe stepping outside of the CBA.

"All of our options are on the table. We're going to hold to account the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Bruce Arians, the general manager to the extent anyone who's responsible for this spin that Antonio isn't reliable to do a good job playing football because he doesn't have the mental fortitude to do it. They'll be held to account."

Brown and his attorney did not say exactly how much money they're seeking.

"A whole lot of money. A whole lot," Brown said, adding that he was shown disrespect with the team questioning his mental health.

"So to drag people along and play on people's mental health, you know, is so unfair and unfortunate."

The Episode of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel aired last night (Tuesday) and is available now via HBO

Brown also appeared on a podcast where he said he is ready to play again this time with the Baltimore Ravens, gushing over Ravens QB Lamarr Jackson. He even went as far as posting a picture on his Instagram story of himself in a Ravens Uniform.

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