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A woman paid 100 bucks for the Grinch to come destroy her home

A Grinch Actor Was Hired to Mess with a Woman's Kids, and He Trashed Their Whole House

Imagine setting your whole house up for the holidays, and this happens: A mom in Northern Ireland named Laura Magill thought it would be fun if an actor dressed as the Grinch came to her house and messed with her kids.

The ad for it said that for just over $100, the Grinch would have a pillow fight with them toilet paper their Christmas tree and pose for pictures. 

But things took a turn when he started a food fight with her son. So all of the expensive cookies, candy, and other treats she put out ended up all over the floor of her living room.

He also threw eggs poured dish soap on her kitchen floor broke several ornaments and dumped a full bottle of juice on her son's head.

Most people feel like the Grinch guy DID take it too far. But others say she hired the Grinch and GOT the Grinch. So what's the problem?

The company that hires him out refused to apologize for it. They claim Laura's sister actually hired them, and was told exactly what would happen. They also say they've done 30 other Grinch visits this year, and no one else has complained.

For what it's worth, there's a shot of Laura's young son standing in the kitchen covered in food . . . and he looks like he just had the time of his life. 

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