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VIDEO: Drug Dealer Dumps 40lbs of Pot Out a Window As Cops Stand Below

Today's Superstar of Florida Or Not Florida is a drug dealer who's apartment was raided last week. It turned out he had over 40 POUNDS of weed in his place, along with two dozen pot plants. When he realized the police were at his door, he panicked.

He decided to open a window on the second floor, and just start throwing huge handfuls of pot out. But if anything, he HELPED the police find it, because a bunch of cops were outside WATCHING the whole thing unfold.

Someone across the street also got it on video. He kept dropping more and more weed onto an awning under his window. Then it would roll off and land on the sidewalk, right where the cops were standing.

By the end, there was a bunch of weed piled up under his window, and even more scattered on the sidewalk. So they just swept it up in a dustpan and put it in a bag.

They also found a bunch of hash oil in his place, along with $8,000 in cash and several weapons, including a crossbow. No word on charges yet. 

So tell us, was this Florida or Not Florida????


Birmingham, England. See the video of the incident below.

Source: Birmingham Live
Article Pic: Getty Images

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