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Gwar Helps Guy Get His Prosthetic Leg Back at One of Their Concerts!

Gwar Helped a Guy Get His Prosthetic Leg Back at One of Their Concerts, "This guy needs his [effing] leg."

Talk about a good deed on a giving Tuesday

Over the weekend, some guy went crowd-surfing at a GWAR show and lost his prosthetic leg. But he got it back after BEEFCAKE THE MIGHTY told the crowd, quote, "This guy needs his [effing] leg."

It's not necessarily a great idea to go crowd-surfing when you have a prosthetic limb. But it happened at a GWAR show in San Francisco on Sunday.

And of course, the guy lost his fake leg somewhere in the mayhem.

But GWAR bassist BEEFCAKE THE MIGHTY came to his rescue. He stepped up to the microphone and said, quote, "If anybody's got a fake leg out there, or got an extra fake leg, send it this way because this guy needs his [effing] leg."

Sure enough, the leg made its way back through the crowd to its owner.

GWAR posted a video and said, quote, "Not the first (or last) time someone lost a body part in the GWAR pit. This time it was just caught on video." 

WARNING: This clip contains profanity.

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