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Will Smith admits in memoir he thought about KILLING HIS DAD

Will Smith Almost Killed His Father as Revenge for Abusing His Mother

WILL SMITH shared in his memoir "Will" how witnessing his father's abuse towards his mom growing up shaped who he is. While caring for his father when he was battling cancer, he even contemplating avenging his mom by killing him.

It's no surprise WILL SMITH had a complicated relationship with his father. And in his upcoming memoir "Will", he admits that he once actually thought about KILLING him.

He said, "When I was nine years old, I watched my father punch my mother in the side of the head so hard that she collapsed [and] spit blood. That moment probably more than any other moment in my life has defined who I am."

Will said that since that moment, there's been a, "subtle string of apologies" to his mother for not standing up for her.

When he was a teenager, his parents separated, but he still wasn't able to shake that guilt from the past, especially when his father was dying from cancer, and he was taking care of him.

Will said, "One night, as I delicately wheeled him from his bedroom toward the bathroom, a darkness arose within me, As a child I'd always told myself that I would one day avenge my mother .

"That when I was big enough, when I was strong enough, when I was no longer a coward, I would slay him. I paused at the top of the stairs I could shove him down, and get away with it."

Will just shook his head instead and continued to help his dad who ended up passing away in 2016.

Will said, "In the end, it will not matter one single bit how well people loved you, you will only gain 'the Smile' based on how well you loved them."

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